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Tenneco industrial products are developed and manufactured with the highest quality materials and engineered using the latest methods and processes. Designed to withstand the most extreme combustion environments, our products provide end users with maximum value and quality.

No.Product TypeTopic NotesApplicable PartsDate PublishedPDF File
1 Auburn Auburn 2021 CatalogAuburn12/01/2020 Download
2 Spark Plugs FB-M18 Iridium Spark Plug Info SheetFB77WPCC01/13/2021 Download
3 Spark Plugs Prechamber Technical SheetPrechamber01/13/2021 Download
4 Spark Plugs G-6001 Technical FlyerG-600101/13/2021 Download
5 Spark Plugs G-6002 Technical FlyerG-600201/13/2021 Download
6 Spark Plugs G-6003 Technical FlyerG-600301/13/2021 Download
7 Spark Plugs G-6004 Technical FlyerG-600401/13/2021 Download
8 Tenneco / Auburn Components for Hydrogen ApplicationsElectrodes, Electronics, Components04/26/2021 Download